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Any Jet, Any Time, Any Place

Private Jet Charter

Jetsmith has access to over 5,000 Aircraft Worldwide. Search below to get a quote on your next trip and experience the personal service that is available to you 24/7. We look forward to you flying with Jetsmith.


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Turboprop aircraft combine the low cost advantages of the piston aircraft while sharing some of the performance and cabin comfort advantages of light jets. Turboprops are powered by turbine propeller engines. With average cruising speeds of over 300 MPH and an average nonstop range over 1,000 miles, they can travel further, faster and offer more comfort than piston aircraft while keeping charter costs below those of jet aircraft. Accomodates 4-8 passengers.

Popular for short to mid-range flights, turboprops can access runways that are often too short for jet aircraft.

  • Cheyenne 400LS

  • Grand Caravan

  • Jetstream 3100

  • Jetstream 3200

  • Jetstream 4100

  • King Air C90

  • King Air C90B

  • King Air E90

  • King Air B100

  • King Air B200

  • King Air 200

  • King Air 300

  • King Air 350

  • Pilatus PC12​

Airplane Engine


Private jet fliers represent a distinctive group of individuals - beyond your financial successes, you are among the most influential, impressive individuals of our time. Private travel is an imperative in your world, giving you the freedom and control you desire—allowing you to be where you want, when you want. As a boutique brokerage, we tailor your experience to include the luxury, convenience, privacy, and safety you deserve.


Jetsmith launched with the vision of creating a boutique, private jet brokerage that would meet the demands of the most discriminating client. This intention, backed by our unique partnerships and relationships with aircraft owners and operators worldwide, means that the Jetsmith experience successfully pairs flexibility of aircraft with unparalleled service and pricing.


Jetsmith... Simply The Best At What We Do!


The private jet industry is constantly evolving, and Jetsmith responds to this dynamic by offering our clients unparalleled service.

With access to over 5,000 aircraft, we choose the best, safest, and most reliable aircraft according to your individual preferences and your particular mission.

Your dedicated representative is on call and attending to your trip 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our attention to each detail gives you every opportunity to enjoy life without limits.


  • Dedicated flight representative

  • 24 hour worldwide operation

  • Accurate, computer-based quoting system

  • Pet Transport

  • Wordwide Cargo

  • Air Ambulance


  • Catering - Full in-flight standard or gourmet catering available from our superior worldwide partners​

  • Fresh Flowers and Arrangements

  • Customized Gift Baskets

  • Foreign and Domestic Magazines & Papers


  • Private FBO Terminals

  • Car Service

  • Helicopter Transfers

  • And More...



The safety of our clients and their guests is our first priority and provides the basis for all that we do.

It is why the aircraft we use comply with the most stringent maintenance and operational procedures in the industry.

Jetsmith will only procure charter aircraft that adhere to the Part 135 regulation set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration and Foreign equivalent.

This regulation establishes mandatory training for both Captain and Co-Pilot.


The Part 135 regulation also includes aircraft safety and maintenance requirements for executive aircraft operation.



Jetsmith's empty leg flights occur when a private jet is booked by a client for a one-way flight. Once the client has been delivered to their destination, the owner/operator of the jet must still bring it back to the home hangar. This means that these jets are often empty and the operator is flying them at cost. Jetsmith has access to these aircraft and can offer direct point to point pricing at large discounted rates. As a Jetsmith client, your dedicated representative can assist you to take advantage of these empty legs or one-ways with pricing that is typically 30-40 percent less than a standard round trip charter.

Call to inquire about an empty leg or one-way flight. Due to certain scheduling restrictions, not all empty legs posted may be available for purchase. You must have flexibility with your travel schedule and your departure airport. Rates are quoted for one-way flights and are subject to availability. Inquire for other Terms and Conditions of this offering Charter.



Jetsmith provides top-tier Aircraft Management Services to our clients.


Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your aircraft is always flying at peak performance while maintaining the highest levels of safety.


Whether you need flight planning, maintenance oversight, or expert advice, our customized approach guarantees that you’re getting the best value for your investment.

Jetsmith... Simply The Best At What We Do!

Blue Skies


Considering which aviation investment is right for you?


Jetsmith’s Aviation Consultants provide solutions customized for your preferences and priorities.


We assist our clients throughout the aircraft purchasing process by assessing for and identifying the individual’s ideal aircraft, providing valuable insight on operating costs and maintenance requirements, arranging test flights and pre-purchase inspections, as well as providing access to an invaluable network of aircraft financing and insurance providers.


With expert guidance and resources, Jetsmith Consultants assist our clients to make informed, confident decisions when purchasing private aircraft.


Jetsmith representatives are hand selected based on their professional reputations, relationships within the industry and commitment to superior client service.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard. A Jetsmith representative will help walk you through the process of selecting the highest safety rated aircraft, crew and pilots for your trip. To our clients, this means a level of personal service and a private flight experience unmatched in the industry.


Thank you!

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